Trading Time For Leads With Social Zombies

time-for-leadsNetworking for leads and cultivating relationships could be bad for your health, especially when you’re ignoring your ability to amplify and multiply your time, energy and income. Here is a little story out of my world:

I get these guys spamming my inbox trying to get me to buy leads or offering to help me with sales. Just like that, out of the blue. It’s as bad as getting those emails from a Gmail address of some guy wanting to rank my site “on the top” of Google. Now that will be an expensive billboard right? But seriously… [Read more…]

Where Your Message Disconnects, Clarity Is The Thread That Holds

There is an old legend, a story about Nicola Tesla visiting Henry Ford to help solve a problem. It goes like this:

Tesla visited Ford at his factory to help solve a problem he was facing. Ford asked Tesla if he could help identify where the problem area was located. Tesla agreed to help and identified the problem area by marking an X in chalk against a metal panel indicating where they need to fix it. The grateful Ford asked Tesla to send him an invoice. [Read more…]

Commentary to “The Link Dilemma”

A great post by Julie Joice sparked a decent discussion encapsulating the sentiment of SEO’s and Link Builders alike. Some blaming Google and others rejoicing in sites being penalized. Whatever the sentiment, it’s a problem and a solution and learning from experience is the whole point of life and learning. Here is the Google Link Schemes page being debated. [Read more…]

Authenticity Inspired Blogs

I have been giving authenticity in writing much thought lately. Writing is a demanding task and you can make it as easy or as hard as you wish.

I have held myself to high standards when sharing my thoughts and it has caused more frustration by holding back valuable information than letting it go and potentially help others to succeed. Perfectionism and undermining your own value is a constant battle in a world that I have perceived as judgmental and critical but I admit that not being the reality at all. You perceive what you believe or put another way, you get what you expect.

We each perceive our reality and we get what we expect to receive. Whether that is criticism or praise you will quickly find out what the quality is you put out and how to correct that if your expectation is misaligned with reality in that way. This is where I want to urge you to consider Authenticity as a natural gift you have but for many of us a challenge to live consistently.

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