The Best Sales People Sell Their Vision

This video is well worth it (esp. at 15-21 min) – Jordan Belfort highlights the sales approach that we take here when supporting our clients. We couldn’t have said it any better.

Visionaries have a great ability to sell. Sales is a transference of emotion – a feeling of certainty you create – you are selling people on your vision of the world.

If you can’t sell your vision then you will struggle to get great people to work for you. People who can help you materialize your vision. To make things happen you need to share a meaningful vision with the world and if you can’t describe it then you are “stuck in the mud”.

You have to sell your vision and this is where we can help with clarity; shining a light where help is needed.

Embedding your vision into your business marketing and sales assets enables you to take meaningful action right on target.

Trading Time For Leads With Social Zombies

Networking for leads and cultivating relationships could be bad for your health, especially when you’re ignoring your ability to amplify and multiply your time, energy and income.

Here is a little story out of my world: I get these guys spamming my inbox trying to get me to buy leads or offering to help me with sales. Just like that, out of the blue. It’s as bad as getting those emails from a Gmail address of some guy wanting to rank my site “on the top” of Google.

Now that will be an expensive billboard right? But seriously… [Read more…]