Digital Value Creation

Digital value is a perceptual quality formed between the creator of digital content and the value ascribed to this content by a digital user. As the persuasion world of marketing slowly deteriorates and dissolves in the eyes of consumers in the digital economy, another golden opportunity for search retrieval is opening up…again, but only bigger.

Digitizing and channelling value through networked communications and towards value exchange.

To create digital value, a fundamental structural relationship needs to be perceived. Relationships between Value, Technology and People.

The following diagram lays out the 3 fundamental spheres of digital value creation:content-process-platform

  1. Creating value.
  2. Digitizing value.
  3. Communicating value.

The 3 Stages of Digital Value Creation running clockwise:

  1. The format the value will take.
  2. Automating the process of value  communication.
  3. Measuring the impact of digital value.
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