Search Engine Content Relevancy and User Search Intent Specialists

Intention and Relevancy – the balancing measures of digital content quality and production profitability. Quality has a language that speaks of your value. Quality finds it's market in a digital age though discerning individuals who inform themselves before they show themselves. They want your express and clear value offered truthfully and openly. They want to get what you promise them they will have. Like minded people can successfully and profitably transact when the value is clearly presented and the application logically valuable.

We help the digital community profit from digital assets that are ontologically aligned with cutting edge ‘vision' practice research and development. We use natural language modeling and processing to inform the root cause of our intent in creating profitable digital assets. Our proprietary methodology for strategic value creation and search engine alignment guidelines carries the hallmark of our uniquely created digital business assets.

The Digital Profits Team

Starting with work that is good enough, is a good enough start to work.

John Deacon Profitworx

John Deacon

Core Alignment Specialist

Creator of the semantic search alignment framework that engineers intention and relevancy into digital assets as a critical long term success factor. John focuses on digital value creation that is semantically irresistible to both humans and machines.

Nicqui Scott Profitworx

Nicqui Scott

Mission Control

Nicqui is the central command to digital operations and ensures that our key principles of clarity, quality and simplicity are the driving factors in efficient and effective digital communications.

About Us

We have a passion for exploring this earth and connecting people with value and purpose. We have a drive for helping others digitize the value they have developed, cultivated and experienced and facilitate a process through digital value creation, technology implementation and management to empower business.

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