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The ProfitWorx Digital Value Creation Framework Optimized for Semantic Search Relevancy

An average of 2.4 million searches are performed on Google Every Single Minute. That's 40,000 searches per second.

Imagine a user performing a Google search – a thought in the form of an interest or problem – words come to mind – the phrase is keyed into the search box – go – flash – results – text appears listed in the most relevant order – you find what you intended to find – the machine performed its duty – unfeeling , ready for more instruction – choice presented – decision awaits – select a result, refine the search query, abandon the search – decision is action – navigate – grow – change – all the while this happens the mind moves – neurons connecting, synapses firing – thoughts mingling ideas and information – meaning forms – millions of brain cells discarded, millions more created – direction sensed – decision made – action taken – input, process, output.

The Internet was built to store intentionally created value that is relevant to culture, and act as a medium of value exchange by making memory available to search users free of time, evaluated only against relevancy by anticipating user intention. Your device or terminal access to a digital portal acts as an extension of information organized and stored in memory – that requires your input your intention.

The way we store our most valuable asset, knowledge, is of paramount importance in the way we do business. Business is all about value, and value is about relevancy. The digital medium through communications technology enables us to store value in the form of memory. Memory can be remembered through information retrieval and knowledge assimilation. This is the true value of digital technology that enables a digital creator to store value in the form imagination visualized in words and forms the core value of accurate natural language processing – the foundation of search engine information retrieval technology. The primary goal being: to make relevant information available to search engine users, and foster trust in the goal of true knowledge retrieval and value exchange between peers. The foundation of the digitized world is built on the access to value through communication. We help digital creators express unique value that humans and search engines both find relevant and compelling.

A Digital Value Creation Framework for Digital Sales

Our digital value creation framework enables creative communications that amplifies value and trust.  Our goal is to help our clients create a lasting memory of value that with lasting growth potential. Digital value creation needs a structure of simplicity – a framework that is powered by intent.


Learn how to craft a solid and in depth sales message that is web ready and magnetized with quality and logical value. If you are hungry for knowledge and you are a person who has found the magic in documenting your journey, thoughts or ideas, then this is a framework that empowers sales in a digital medium.

At the heart we are not only structuring a search engine alignment but an alignment with the soul of your ideal prospect.

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Turn your key value into words that is indexed and presented for value retrieval by a knowledge hungry global audience ready to engage.

The most intimate of relationships is that of value with money because money in itself is valueless which leaves only one thin left, your value.

Have your ideal customers find you relevant and timely by aligning your value with digital semantic search technology. The only future proof way of digitizing value for field retrieval.

The idea we want our clients to form is having value semantically coded into digital memory for practical field retrieval. This might sounds like scientific sci-fi talk but it happens to be the most effective way to express instructional and practice knowledge for immediate cognition and application.

Express authentic value by knowing how to describe the functional qualities that embody value in the mind of the user.

 Your authentic value can be fully expressed by the framework as a comprehensive challenge to the infinite ways and many refined paths that value can take. The ways in which our value can be developed and expressed is unique to each individual taken the external influences and internal motivations. [/x_columnize]

The more value we create, the more potential that value has to be expressed in money – or time, energy and anything that money can be transformed into. But let's not forget that value is not a derivative of money, it's the other way around, money is only one of many derivatives of value.

To create or translate true value into digital terms and offer value to a global audience or individually packaged for individuals on a global scale, a framework is a guiding tool to get the necessary components in place, so that true value can be built on top of it. Everyone needs a starting point of balance and certainty based on sound reasoning and principles.

We are meticulous about our critical points and the level of clarity required to fully harmonize our digital asset engineering plans, intentionally engineered for high impact, efficiency and effectiveness.

The signal is clear, but the image fuzzy!

The digital sales framework is a product developed over 10 years of customer interfacing professional services in the digital engineering, software and communications industry. Our intentions are aimed at creating an efficient and purposeful communications framework that delivers value through the structure of it's format and it's content support.

The main aims of the framework is to guide the operator into an understanding of what digital value gets created on and how to format and communicate that value to a global audience. The key of course lies in constructing a meaningful message and channeling it digitally using simplicity as a guideline. The goal: zero loss in message quality.

Traditional communication systems (i.e. technology, processes and people) are decentralized and organized around a provider or middleman that serves as a gateway to the market. In the past gatekeepers to knowledge or “secrets” controlled by the media. None of that – your ability to communicate is now direct. From your mind to your customers mind.[/x_columnize]

Are you ready to create digital assets aligned with Google search intention and webpage relevancy?

The ProfitWorx digital sales framework is designed to create digital communication that appeals to the authenticity of its creator and enables the global channeling of this message to individuals open and receptive to it's interpretation. This is to say, that through the digital medium your value can be expressed and placed on offer to a global audience with the means to retrieve it's meaning and act on it.

The fact remains that no matter how much garbage the traditional marketing and sales industry replicate in digital space, the digital medium is a highly personal and intimate experience and requires an authentic context to flourish in.

Search engines are continually developing their algorithms to cater to the authentic discovery of content that delivers value and is highly relevant to the search enquiry. The main aim for this message framework is to reach clarity, maintain quality, built on simplicity and enables a high degree of energy efficiency and profitability.

The ProfitWorx Framework is build on technology that serves as an operating system for business formation, value creation and meaningful communication to a global audience that is receptive to solutions aimed at solving problems through transformative solutions. The old structures are crumbling and the digitally enabled world value driven context.

The ProfitWorx Framework guides the operator on 3 critical levels:

  • assembling the technological framework
  • creating meaningful and valuable context
  • and guiding the implementation process to completion

Each application of the ProfitWorx Framework serves as a model that can be customized to suit individual client requirements and needs. Simply put, the magic happens as a result of the value you identify and create while the structure is there that serves as a robust digital business operating system supported by 10's of thousands of customers world wide.

The Profitworx Framework operates on a few fundamental understandings listed below:

  • That you have a clearly defined Mission, Vision, Strategy and aware of the Tactics at your disposal
  • That your value comes from a creative/innovative space and cannot be outsourced or delegated to 3rd parties
  • That systems and processes are key to starting and completing your setup but serves only as a framework
  • That your value is embedded in the language you choose to communicate within this structure
  • That your message contains the overarching meaning of your value to the marketplace

Did you know

Now each individual member of society is their own digital media company with global reach. If everyone is their own media company, then why have they not helped themselves and reached that global audience?

The main reasons are:

  • They are not technologically skilled
  • They don't understand the structure they are framed by
  • They don't understand value (i.e. value creation and innovation)
  • They consume information instead of creating knowledge
  • Traditional structures prevent them from seeing outside the box
  • Ignorance of the truth of reality – a perceptual space